Traditional Damp Treatment

DampShield services have been used throughout Sydney wide from residential homes to commercial and industrial buildings. Our specialised fields include Rising Damp, Lateral and Penetrating Damp, Waterproofing, Ventilation, Rendering and Plastering, Drainage, Basements and Tanking Systems, Painting &
Pre-Purchase Inspections.

Rising damp is seriousmould and heath problems
Rising damp if left untreated will cause serious damage to a building's structural integrity. Peeling and blistering paintwork is the first sign of a damp problem.

Mould and your healthmould and heath problems
Mould is a form of fungus and can be detrimental to those who suffer from allergies, sinusitis and breathing disorders.

Getting the right air flowventilation and getting the right air flow
Mould and mildew, allergies, musty odours, smelly basements, ruined textiles, damaged artifacts and reading materials all point to a lack of ventilation.


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